Welcome TO Duder


the duder. team

matt kirsch (creator/writer/producer) is a comedy writer and playwright based out of Brooklyn, NY. He also plays glen on the show.

ryan iverson (director) is a director and comedy writer from Olympia, WA.

katrina whalen (web design/director) is a writer and stop-motion animator originally from Casper, Wyoming. She’s now bi-coastal!.

alan wilkis (music) is a local musician/composer/producer, and is one half of the NYC hard-rock duo, A plus P.

alden ford (ricky) was born in Kenai, Alaska and currently lives in brooklyn where he operates a headshot factory.

julie lake (judy cakes) is an actress and comedian who lives in NYC.

eddie tejeda (web producer/developer) has a dog named ‘chino’

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